Enrichment of autologous fat grafts with ex – vivo expanded adipose tissue-derived stem cells for graft survival: a randomised placebo – controlled trial

Trojahn Køll, S. F. et als.
The Lancet, 2013-09-28, Volúmen 382, Número 9898, Pages 1113-1120

The Lancet - Vol 382; No. 9898 (2013)Autologous fat grafting is increasingly used in reconstructive surgery. However, resorption rates ranging from 25% to 80% have been reported. Therefore, methods to increase graft viability are needed. Here, we report the results of a triple-blind, placebo-controlled trial to compare the survival of fat grafts enriched with autologous adipose-derived stem cells (ASCs) versus non-enriched fat grafts.

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