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Massenburg, B. et als.
Aesthetic Plastic Surgery; December 2015, Volume 39, Issue 6, pp 902-909

portada - APS - Vol. 39 (2015)

There are many options for breast reconstruction following a mastectomy, and data on outcomes are greatly needed for both the patient and the care provider. This study aims to identify the prevalence and predictors of adverse outcomes in autologous breast reconstruction in order to better inform patients and surgeons when choosing a surgical technique.

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Calva, D. et als.
Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery, 2015-09-01, Volúmen 68, Número 9, Pages 1221-1227

portada - JPRAS - Vol 68; No. 9 (2015)The anatomy of the facial artery, its tortuosity, and branch patterns are well documented. To date, a reliable method of identifying the facial artery, based on surface landmarks, has not been described. The purpose of this study is to characterize the relationship of the facial artery with several facial topographic landmarks, and to identify a location where the facial artery could predictably be identified.

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Freshwater, M. F.
Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery, 2012-01-01, Volúmen 65, Número 1, Pages 1-7

JPRAS - Vol. 65; No. 1 (2011)

Carpue’s An Account of Two Successful Operations caused the rebirth of plastic surgery in 1816 over 200 years after the first plastic surgery book was written by Tagliacozzi. Tagliacozzi’s book was pirated with both authorized edition and unauthorized editions having been published in 1597. In his book, Carpue reviewed the literature including Tagliacozzi’s work. Carpue had Charles Turner, engraver-in-ordinary to the King prepare his books illustrations. Comparing Turner’s engraving with those in the original and pirated editions of Tagliacozzi’s book shows that Turner duplicated the pirated edition. The author discovered a pirated edition at St. Bartholomew’s Medical College Library in 1971 that was signed by Carpue and shows how by comparing the illustrations in it with those in Carpue’s book that this was the working copy used by Turner.

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Goffart, Y; Karelle, S; Daele, J.
European Journal of Plastic Surgery, October 2015, Volume 38, Issue 5, pp 355-362

portada - EJPS - Vol. 35 (2012)Spreader grafts (SPG) are widely used for different purposes in rhinoplasty procedures. However, selection of the size of the grafts, trimming and fixation often proved time consuming and difficult. We used an original method of placement of “free” SPG to improve both ease of placement and fine trimming of the grafts. To assess pertinence of this approach, we evaluated retrospectively our rate of correction of the middle third of the nose.

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