Nasal analysis: considerations for ethnic variation

Villanueva, N. L; Afrooz, P. N; Carboy, J. A; Rohrich, R. J.
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery: June 2019 – Volume 143 – Issue 6 – p 1179e–1188e

portada - PRS - Vol. 132; No. 2 (2013)As the United States continues to be more ethnically and racially diverse, it is important for the rhinoplasty surgeon to have an appreciation and understanding of nasal variations that exist to plan for and execute ethnically congruent results. The nasal analysis is a critical component of the patient evaluation, which has been used as a tool by surgeons to identify deviations from anatomical norms or canons. In this article, the authors describe common nasal anatomical variations that exist between ethnic groups as a guide for nasal analysis. Understanding these variations will facilitate and help define important cultural aesthetics, which can be used to plan for rhinoplasties in a diverse patient population.

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