Terapias biológicas en el tratamiento de Psoriasis

Pathway Analysis of Skin from Psoriasis Patients after Adalimumab Treatment Reveals New Early Events in the Anti-Inflammatory Mechanism of Anti-TNF-α.
Psoriasis is a chronic cutaneous inflammatory disease. The immunopathogenesis is a com-plex interplay between T cells, dendritic cells and the epidermis in which T cells and dendritic cells maintain  skin inflammation. Anti-tumour necrosis factor (anti-TNF)-α agents have been approved for therapeutic use across a range of inflammatory disorders including psoriasis, but the anti-inflammatory mechanisms of anti-TNF-α in lesional psoriatic skin are not fully understood. We investigated early events in skin from psoriasis patients after treatment with anti-TNF-α antibodies by use of bioinformatic s tools.

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tania @ 4:57 pm #

Muy interesante el tema. ¿Cómo se comporta en Cuba?

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