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Zhang, W; Hallock, G.
Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery, Artículo en prensa

portada - JPRAS - Vol. 73; No. 2 (2020)Dunedin is a small city located in the southeastern part of the South Island of New Zealand, an enclave found in the Southern Hemisphere halfway around the World. How possibly would anyone consider such a remote place to be the birthplace of modern plastic surgery? Yet here was born both Sir Harold Delf Gillies, the “father of modern plastic surgery.”

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Macionis, V.
Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery, 2018-07-01, Volumen 71, Número 7, Páginas 1086-1092

JPRAS -Vol. 71, No. 7 (2018)El 200 aniversario de la «Rinoplastia» de KF Graefe, el nombramiento de E. Zeis de la especialidad de cirugía plástica en 1838  y la discusión continua sobre qué es la cirugía plástica, han llevado a esta revisión histórico-conceptual con una visión semántica del significado de la palabra «Plástico». Una búsqueda en la literatura ha revelado que este término contiene aspectos duales: artístico y filosófico. Más

Singh, M; Nuutila, K; Collins, K. C; Huang, A.
Burns, 2017-09-01, Volúmen 43, Número 6, Páginas 1149-1154

portada - Burns - Vol. 40 (2014)Skin grafting is the current standard care in the treatment of full thickness burns. It was first described around 1500 BC but the vast majority of advancements have been achieved over the past 200 years.
An extensive literature review was conducted on Pubmed, Medline and Google Scholar researching the evolution of skin grafting techniques. The authors concentrated on the major landmarks of skin grafting and also provide an overview of ongoing research efforts in this field.

Hardwicke, J; Kohlhardt, A; Moiemen, N.
Burns, 2015-06-01, Volúmen 41, Número 4, Páginas 680-688

portada - Burns - Vol. 40 (2014)The Medical Research Council Burns and Industrial Injuries Unit at the Birmingham Accident Hospital pioneered civilian burn care and research in the United Kingdom during the post-war years. A photographic archive has been discovered that documents this period from 1945 to 1975. The aim of this project was to sort, digitize and archive the images in a secure format for future reference.